May 3rd news The first press conference of the 2020 Mount Everest elevation measurement was held on April 30 at the Everest Base Camp, announcing the official launch of the 2020 Mount Everest elevation measurement. At the same time, China Mobile opened the world’s highest altitude 5G base station at the 6,500-meter elevation camp on Mount Everest to achieve 5G signal coverage of the north slope of Mount Everest, climbing routes and peaks. At this point, China Mobile’s 5G base stations at the 6,500-meter elevation campsite at Mount Everest, the 5,800-meter transition campsite at 5,300 meters above sea level, and the Everest base camp at 5,300 meters have all been put into use. They will be used for mountaineering, scientific research, environmental monitoring and other activities The 2020 Everest elevation measurement work provides communication support.

According to reports, China Mobile has formulated a 5G SA / NSA dual-module network solution. Field tests at the Everest base camp have shown that the 5G100MHz SA mode has a peak downlink of 1.6Gbps and an uplink rate of 215Mbps. In addition, Everest ’s 6,500-meter forward camp has a drop of more than 2,000 meters from the summit of Mount Everest. In order to cover the 5G signal to the summit of Mount Everest, China Mobile and Huawei adopted a minimalist 5G base station product that is convenient for transportation and installation The shape and other technical methods have achieved a good match between the 5G signal and the complicated mountain scene of Mount Everest.

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