The world’s first unified architecture, full-bitrate wireless audio codec standard L2HC was officially released today, supporting up to 1920Kbps transmission bitrate, exceeding Apple’s AAC, Sony LDAC, Qualcomm-led aptX Lossless and other standards.

According to reports, Huawei FreeBuds Pro 3 is the first product to support the L2HC intelligent lossless audio codec standard, the world’s first 1.5Mbps lossless sound quality experience, supporting 64K-1920Kbps, 96kHz / 24bit audio.

The new L2HC standard extends the audio transmission bitrate to 64K~1920Kbps, and supports 96kHz / 24bit HD audio transmission, which is also the only audio codec standard that exceeds the CD-level lossless music transmission bitrate requirements.

In addition to its revolutionary advantages in transmission rate, the L2HC standard is also the world’s first unified architecture full-bitrate wireless audio codec standard, and it is also a global leader in anti-interference and compatibility.

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