The world’s first new generation 2,000-ton offshore wind power installation platform, Baihetan, was officially put into operation in Nansha, Guangzhou today, CCTV News client reported today, which is of great significance to accelerate China’s offshore wind power to the far-reaching sea and promote the affordable online access of offshore wind power.

Baihetan is a jack-up and self-propelled integrated wind power installation platform with the strongest lifting capacity (2,000 tons), the deepest operating water depth (70 meters), the largest variable load (6,500 tons) and the largest deck area (4,200 square meters) in the world. The lifting system, lifting system and other core operating equipment are all domestically made. At the same time, Baihetan can be used for the installation of 8 MW to 15 MW offshore wind turbines, which can meet the requirements of far-reaching integrated offshore wind power construction.

Baihetan is mainly operated in the waters of Guangdong and Fujian provinces. The ship has four triangular truss legs of 120 meters, which can be relied on to firmly “stand” in the sea when going out to sea, and the maximum operating water depth can reach 70 meters. The ship is also equipped with a DP-2 class dynamic positioning system that automatically maintains the ship’s position and heading in the event of a moving part or a single system failure, effectively improving the safety of offshore operations.

Baihetan is invested and built by the Three Gorges Materials Tender Management Co., LTD., which belongs to the Three Gorges Group. It is 126 meters long, 50 meters wide, 10 meters deep and 37,000 tons full load. It integrates transportation, self-lifting, self-navigation, lifting, dynamic positioning and other functions.

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