With the continuous development of technology, an intelligent pilot aircraft called eVTOL has begun to enter people’s lives. In fact, the Chinese name of eVTOL is called electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, which is a kind of flying car.

According to CCTV, China, as a vanguard of global product research and development, is one of the first countries to carry out aviation pilot operation and enter the stage of building regulatory operation standards.


eVTOL is a product of aviation electrification, with the capability of light helicopters, and its operational goal is to become the main force of low-altitude intelligent transportation in future cities.

CCTV pointed out that small eVTOL has been widely used in military, model aircraft, agriculture, security and other fields. As China’s mannable eVTOL enters the stage of flight tests, we are not far from the life of looking up and calling “flying”.

Compared with traditional helicopters, manned eVTOL pure electric drive, low noise, cost-effective, more environmentally friendly, is a more in line with the future urban air transportation system products.


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