During China’s third “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum, the Hungary-Serbia Railway High-speed EMU Project was officially signed in Beijing. This is a major breakthrough for China’s high-end rail transit equipment “going out”.

According to CRRC, this order involves 20 units (5 trains) of power-dispersed electric multiple units developed by CRRC Changke Co., Ltd., with a maximum operating speed of 200 kilometers per hour, and is planned to be put into use in 2025.

Public information shows that the Hungary-Serbia Railway is a landmark project of the “Belt and Road Initiative” jointly built by China and Central and Eastern European countries. The total length of the line is 341.7 kilometers, of which 183.1 kilometers are in Serbia and 158.6 kilometers in Hungary.

CRRC also stated that the high-speed EMU signed this time is based on a technologically mature, safe and reliable technology platform. According to the European Technical Specification for Interconnection (TSI) and European technical standards, as well as the specific needs of the Hungary-Serbia Railway, it will provide the volume for the Hungary-Serbia Railway. The customized electric vehicle set is smarter, greener and more comfortable.

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