On September 13, 2022, two C919 passenger planes arrived at Beijing Capital Airport from Shanghai,Arrived at 10:51 and 11:24 respectively. with registration numbers B-001F and B-001J respectively. According to media reports, the trip of the two C919 passenger planes was mainly to prepare for evidence collection. According to the China Times, according to the current plan, on the symbolic date of September 19, the Civil Aviation Administration of China will issue an airworthiness certificate for the C919 in Beijing, which also means that the aircraft will begin to be delivered to operators. .

According to the current plan, the first aircraft will also be delivered to the first operator, China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd. before the end of the year, and China Eastern Airlines may put the new aircraft into operation for the first time in the first quarter of 2023.

The full name of C919 aircraft is COMAC919. It is a large civil jet aircraft developed by my country in accordance with international civil aviation regulations and with independent intellectual property rights. It has 158-168 seats and a range of 4075-5555 kilometers. The final assembly was completed on November 2, 2015, with 815 orders from 28 customers. The performance is comparable to that of the new generation of mainstream single-aisle passenger aircraft in the world. It successfully flew for the first time on May 5, 2017.

Among them, China Eastern Airlines, the first customer of the C919, signed a purchase contract with COMAC last year. After that, China Eastern issued a fixed increase announcement in May. The total amount of funds to be raised is not more than 15 billion yuan, of which 10.5 billion yuan will be used for the introduction of 38 aircraft projects, including 4 C919 aircraft.

In addition to China Eastern Airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, etc. also appeared on the customer list.

According to the announcement issued by China Eastern Airlines in May, it plans to introduce 4 C919 domestically produced large aircraft and 24 domestically produced ARJ21 regional airliners, with a catalog unit price of 653 million yuan. China Eastern Airlines said that the aircraft types to be introduced in this non-public offering include domestic C919 aircraft and ARJ21-700 aircraft, which will help the company continue to firmly support the national strategy of domestic large aircraft and help the development of domestic large aircraft industry clusters.

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