TikTok launched a new feature today that is basically just a remake of BeReal, a very popular French social app that has been steadily gaining popularity. BeReal invites users to take a photo of the front and rear cameras at random times each day, aiming to capture a more realistic picture of what our friends are doing throughout the day (can wait until you’re doing something fun, of course).

Snapchat and Instagram quickly followed, already rolling out front- and rear-camera capture, but with distinctions, and TikTok beat its rivals to be the first app to copy-paste BeReal directly to its platform.

The company’s blog reads: “TikTok Now invites you and your friends to capture what you’re doing right now using your device’s front and rear cameras. You’ll receive daily prompts to take a 10-second video or a still photo, Easily share what you’re doing.”

BeReal will send users a daily push notification telling them “it’s time”, ending with a warning emoji. TikTok’s notifications look the same – users get notified between the lightning bolt emoji saying “it’s time”.

TikTok said the feature is now available to U.S. users. From the screenshots, it looks like the “Now” feature has earned a pretty significant place on the bottom navigation bar, right next to the publish button. In other regions, TikTok Now may be downloaded as a standalone app, TikTok added.

However, BeReal has its own privacy issues – if you accidentally turn off your location, you may accidentally share your exact home address or even a street name with all your friends, whose main purpose is to be in your main social circle used in. But in the mock images shared by TikTok, location doesn’t appear to be part of the TikTok Now interface.

So, at launch, TikTok Now has some built-in privacy features in place. Like TikTok itself, if someone under 16 signs up for the standalone TikTok Now app, their account will be set to privacy-protected status by default. Additionally, users must be at least 18 years old to share their BeReals TikTok Now posts on the Discovery Channel. For users between the ages of 13 and 15, only friends – people you follow can comment on your posts if they also follow you. Even for users over 18, the default setting only allows friends to view posts, although they can change the setting if they wish to share with the world.

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