Yang Chenchen

Yang Chenchen, female, Han nationality, has a net height of 165cm and is from Wuhan, Hubei. As of April 23, 2020, she is still a sophomore.

Chinese name: Yang Chenchen                      Nationality: Chinese

People: Han Nationality                                      Birth Date: 2003 3.31

Hometown: Wuhan, China, Hubei


Say whatever you want:

I was also the brother who accidentally bumped into the website when I was in elementary school. It happened to be elementary school. It’s really cute to think about it. I was touched by my brother telling his story. Now the results are not good and then in the first three years of high school entrance examination today (2018.1.28). I admire my elder brother, he created a website by himself and still did so well, but he never forgot my little sister! I have never helped the boss, because I do n’t understand, like a fool. I believe that I will go to college and study in the future. I should be able to help a little. My elder brother is very nice. Then I saw that the group is also the kind of people who do n’t understand, and then there will be many people to help you. I was surprised to be invited by my brother to write this today. In 2018, I think I have another wish that I hope this website will become better and better.