“Duogu” is a young man who is not tall, is not handsome, has no money at home, has no power at all, and is a little indecent for Ideas (having his own ideas and opinions). Made in China, the net height is 170cm long and the net weight is 75kg (fat). The use of artificial intelligence, all parts are complete, stable operation, after more than 20 years of operation, is a quality trustworthy product. The “products” are complete in procedures and are returned indefinitely. Godsend a love heart, two sleeves light breeze, three staggered legs, two small eyes… Ten keyboards, I hope everyone is rare I ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Screen name: Du Gu (Xiao Xia)                      Nationality: China

Nationality: Han Nationality                         Date of Birth: Lunar New Year’s Eve November

Address: Shangqiu City, Henan Province, Minquan County, Chengguan Town Graduated from: Z-University

People send nickname: one night seven times Lang (joking a joke) English name: Lion

Education / Degree: Bachelor’s degree Person: Not found

Name: Li Shuwei or Li Wei Jianghu Vision: Learning (Li Xiaoyao) Doing (Duo Guai) Chong (sweeping the floor)






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