Apple reminds developers that the App Store guidelines will be updated starting June 30, 2022. The latest rules require all apps that support account creation to have the ability to delete an account and delete all personal data associated with the account, which Apple also stipulates “should be easy to find in the app.” If signing in with Apple, the developer must ensure that the user’s token has been revoked after the account has been deleted.

All apps in the App Store that allow users to create new accounts must provide a way for users to delete accounts. These changes are detailed in App Store Review Guidelines 5.1.1(v), which explains what an app can and cannot do while an account is logged in.

If your app doesn’t include functionality that is very important and must be based on an online account, users should log in without it. If your app supports account creation, you must also provide the option to delete the account within the app. As far as possible, the app does not require the user to enter personal information to use, unless it is directly related to the core function of the app or there is a legal requirement.


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